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Catskill 3500' Summits

Slide Mountain from the Pine Hill - West Branch Trail

Slide Mountain

The Catskill High Peaks are all of the mountains in New York's Catskill Mountains above 3,500 ft (1,067 m) in elevation. According to our bylaws, there must be at least a 250 foot drop between the peak and any other peak on the list, or the peak must be at least ½ mile away from any other peak on the list.

In all there are 35 peaks that meet these criteria with the highest peak being Slide Mountain topping out at 4,180'.

The peaks can be broken into 3 general zones: northern, central and southern which makes for convenient planning given major roads and correspond with the NY-NJ Trail Conference Maps. Note the 2010 map set is numbered differently, e.g. 143 instead of 43, and a new map, 145, is included for the far Western peaks. See trail guides and maps here.

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Catskill high peaks table

The table below gives location of the Catskill 35 High Peaks. Click on the peak to navigate to info page.

UM = Unmaintained Trail TL = trail-less TL/CA = Trail-less with canister. FT = Fire Tower
* = also can be found on Map # 43 ** = On New NY-NJ TC MAP 145


Top photo credit: Scott Larson

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