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Black Dome Mountain 3980'

Black Dome's summit is achieved at 3.2 mi, offering spectacular views south from an idyllic, flat rock shelf."

Catskill Mountain Guide - Appalachian Mountain Club

Black Dome Mountain

Black Dome from Blackhead

USGS Map:  Freehold

NY-NJ Trail Conference Map:  #41/141

Order of Height: 3 rd at 3980'

Access:  Via Black Dome Range Trail east or west

Description:  Black Dome is the central peak in the Blackhead Range, located in the northern Catskills.  From the summit, there are views south to the southern Catskills.  Access from the west is via the Black Dome Range Trail from Maplecrest.  

This trail provides a fine long climb over the western part of the range, passing over Thomas Cole Mountain enroute to Black Dome.  From the east, access is via the Black Dome Range Trail from Big Hollow.  The climb is gradual until Lockwood Gap between Blackhead Mountain and Black Dome.  From Lockwood Gap to the summit, the climb is very steep.

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Photo credit: Scott Larson


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