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Halcott Mountain 3537'

On the summit of Halcott Mountain in May

On the summit of Halcott

USGS Map:  West Kill

NY-NJ Trail Conference Map:  #42/142

Order of Height: 32nd at 3537'

Access:  Via Bushwhack

Description:  Thought to be one of the easier of the trailless peaks, Halcott rises from Route 42 directly across from Sherrill Mountain. There are no open views from the summit, though you can see through the trees to the valley to the west in the winter time.  

A view may be able to be found south of the summit.  Access is usually from Route 42, from where it is a short, rather steep climb to the summit.  Halcott can also be accessed from the west or south across private property. Make sure you get land owners permission to hike on private property.  Please sign in at the canister.

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Photo credit: Scott Larson


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