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Peekamoose Mountain 3843'

On the Summit of Peekamoose

On the Summit Rock

USGS Map:  Peekamoose Mountain

NY-NJ Trail Conference Map:  #43/143

Order of Height: 11th at 3843'

Access:  Via Peekamoose Table Trail

Description:  Peekamoose is the most southeast of all the high Catskill Peaks.  The mountain rises from the Rondout Creek to the east.  There is a view from atop a large rock on the summit, but you can see just over the tops of the trees here.  There is another view towards Slide just off the trail as you descend towards Table.  The best view is about a mile east of the summit and half a mile above Reconnoiter Rock.  

View on the way up Peekamoose

View from a ledge on Peekamoose Mountain

Here an open ledge offers a great view over the lesser peaks to the south, with no evidence of civilization.  Access from the east is via the Peekamoose-Table Trail from Peekamoose Road. From the west, access is from Denning via the Phoenicia-East Branch Trail and the Peekamoose-Table Trail over Table Mountain.

Slide Mtn Wilderness Map (opens in new window)

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TopoZone (topographic map)

NYSDEC Interactive Locator Map

Slide Mountain Wilderness - NYSDEC

Photo credits: Top: Scott Larson | Bottom: Kevin Morgan


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