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Vly Mountain 3529'

Vly Mountain Summit

At summit in Winter

USGS Map:  West Kill

NY-NJ Trail Conference Map:  #145

Order of Height: 33rd at 3529'

Access:  Via Bushwhack

Description:  Vly is one of two peaks outside the Catskill Blue Line.  It is also one of the easier climbs, gaining only 1100 feet in elevation from its usual access point off Halcott Mountain Road.

There are no views from the top, but the climb is interesting, being short and steep.  

Vly Mountain

Vly Mountain

Vly is usually climbed in conjunction with Bearpen Mountain. Even though Vly's summit is now State protected it still has areas that are private land, so please respect the landowners rights.  Access is usually via Halcott Mountain Road, from either the north or south. Be sure to sign in at the summit canister.

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Photo Credit: Top: Kevin Morgan | Bottom: Scott Larson


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