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Wittenberg Mountain 3780'

without any forewarning, you'll come out on a large open rock ledge, with a breathtaking view”

Hiking the Catskills - Ochman & McAllister

Wittenberg from trail up Cornell

The Wittenberg from the trail to Cornell

USGS Map:  Phoenicia

NY-NJ Trail Conference Map:  #43/143 or #42/142

Order of Height: 14th at 3780'

Access: Via the Wittenberg-Cornell-Slide Trail

Description:  Wittenberg is the easternmost mountain in the Burroughs Range.  It is also one of the finest in the Catskills.  The steep climb from Woodland Valley is rewarded by a fine view east over the Ashokan Reservoir and north to the mountains of the Devil's Path.  On a warm day, this peak can be one of the most crowded, with people sunning themselves on the large open ledge at the summit.  Cornell Mountain is a short trip beyond via the Bruin's Causeway.

View from Wittenberg

View of the Ashokan Reservoir and Samuels Point

Access from the north is via the Wittenberg-Cornell-Slide Trail from Woodland Valley.

Red tape: A parking fee is charged at the trail head parking area at Woodland Valley State Campground during the campgrounds camping season.

From the west, access is  via the Wittenberg-Cornell-Slide Trail over Slide and Cornell.

Slide Mtn Wilderness Map (opens in new window)

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TopoZone (topographic map)

NYSDEC Interactive Locator Map

Slide Mountain Wilderness - NYSDEC

Panoramic View from Summit

Photo credit: Kevin Morgan |  Panoramic by Ian Marchant


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